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Abigail Abamukong


Welcome to the Invaluable Woman Class, an exclusive one-on-one mentorship program with the esteemed woman of God, Pastor Mrs. Abigail Abamukong.

Embark on a transformative journey over the course of three weeks, where personalized learning sessions will guide you in discovering your life’s purpose and embracing your unique qualities.

Through expert guidance, you will be equipped to lead a life of impact across all facets, including spiritual, marital, financial, and professional domains. Elevate your potential and unlock the path to a more fulfilled and purpose-driven existence with this unparalleled mentorship experience.

Classes are held twice a week and two hours per session.

Fee: $70 (35,000FCFA)

Fee is paid after you have signed up and had a confirmatory mail.

Mentorship class begins after proof of payment is validated

I just want to thank you mom Abigail for the privilege of having these sessions with you and for the opportunity to pray with you. Each session was always so exciting and imparting. You motivate me in so many ways you can't even imagine. Thank you for sharing your light and knowledge with me.
I want to thank you mom A big for the opportunity to take this class. It has really been an answer to the cry that i had to know myself as a woman. I've learnt so much about myself and my purpose. Thank you also for the practicality of the lessons. I can never be the same after this! In fact i see the changes in me already.
Medical Doctor

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