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Abigail Abamukong


Is a Marriage Counselor Women's Mentor Bestselling Author Community Developer Successful Entrepreneur


Abigail Abamukong

Abigail is a dedicated marriage and family counsellor, women’s mentor, author, and visionary founder of Belie Health Foundation; a non-profit organization committed to health, education for orphans and the needy, and the empowerment of women, girls, and youth.

Explore Abigail’s multifaceted expertise, ranging from her impactful work in counselling to her passion for community service. Delve into her literary contributions as an author and witness the positive changes she brings to lives through her community-based initiatives.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Abigail extends her skills to event consultancy, planning, and management, ensuring memorable and seamless experiences for her clients. Additionally, her expertise in catering adds a flavorful touch to events, making them truly special.

Join us on this journey of empowerment, education, and celebration, guided by Abigail Abamukong’s unwavering commitment to positively impacting individuals and communities.

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Abigail Abamukong serves as an ordained and dynamic minister of the Gospel at Christ Family Ministries. Her unwavering passion lies in guiding individuals towards a profound understanding and embodiment of the abundant life in Christ. With dedication and fervor, she actively nurtures the spiritual growth of God's people, fostering an environment where the transformative power of faith is realized.


Abigail is the visionary founder of Belie Health Foundation; a community-based organization committed to health, education for orphans and the needy, and empowerment of women, girls, and youths. Explore the impactful projects and initiatives designed to create positive change within communities. Be a part of the movement for a brighter, more inclusive future.


Abigail Abamukong is a prolific writer, specializing in transformative literature focused on faith, women's identity, and personal development. Her notable works include "The Invaluable Woman," "Prevailing Prayers for Every Woman," and "31 Truths about a Child of God." Additionally, she has co-authored the impactful daily devotional "Wrapped Up In Life," a book that resonates globally, touching and enriching countless lives.

Marriage and Family Counseling

Abigail Abamukong provides personalized and compassionate marriage and family counseling services. Whether you're navigating relationship challenges or seeking guidance for family dynamics, Abigail is here to support you on your journey to healthier connections and lasting happiness.


As a seasoned entrepreneur, Abigail Abamukong offers expertise in event consultancy, planning, and management, along with catering services. Whether you're organizing a special event or seeking catering services, Abigail brings a wealth of experience and dedication to ensure your endeavors are successful and memorable.

Women's Mentorship

Step into a world of empowerment with Abigail's dedicated women's mentorship program. Through personalized guidance and support, Abigail helps women discover their strengths, overcome obstacles, and achieve their fullest potential. Join a community of empowered women and embark on a transformative journey towards personal and professional success.

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